House Dawnbringer

                                                         (House Dawnbringer is currently inactive.)


                                                Welcome to the House Dawnbringer website!

The guild and characters in the story are 4-5 years old. We recently rebooted our story with the new expansion for World of Warcraft.

The backstory for the guild can be found on the Origin Story page. Our current story picks up 10 years after the events of the origin story. For other stories either in progress or from the past, feel free to check out our RP Story forum for more. If you want to get involved, apply via our application on the upper left hand side of this page. Please read our Guild FAQ before doing so. If you are interested in seeing what positions we have, and what they are about, please see our Positions Page.

If you have any questions feel free to contact an admin on the site, or in-game.

Our guild strives to deliver great roleplay experiences and stories to get involved in, or simply for people to read for entertainment. We try our best to ensure lore continuity, and help others learn how to roleplay in the greater Warcraft universe.

We pride ourselves on the stories we create, and the artwork we create to help build a unique story telling environment for fans of World of Warcraft.



Notice: All Warcraft assets taken from the World of Warcraft game are the intellectual property of Blizzard Entertainment. Fan Art and stories related to Warcraft are solely owned by the private artist or writer, and we make no claims to ownership beyond this, in any way.

Featured Music is Secret of the Elves, by Derek Fiechter.

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